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Feb15-12, 06:45 PM
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Don't know scilab, but your second 'atan' has a '2' in the denominator...shouldn't that be 'x'?
No problem. Yes, it should be an x.
what do the single apostrophes do?
I have absolutely no idea. Probably a necessary part of syntax.

what do you think you are accomplishing with z=... ? are x and y traversed independently as if they were in 2 nested do-loops...or is it just a one-to-one? In other words, is z also just a vector? or are you getting a matrix?
Hmm, I wanted it to be a function of both x and y and then plot it. My u(x,y)

try to input one line at a time and find out what you get back after each....don't jump all the way to steps, baby steps!
Here is an example they give, from which I've been inspired:
// simple plot using z=f(x,y) 
Edit: It seems that x=[0:0.1:12] is a matrix or so. I thought it would plot x from 0 to 12 with increment of 0.1. Sigh. I really have no idea about Scilab.