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Feb20-12, 12:21 AM
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You want a better "dumbed down" version such that you can understand the answers to your questions. I don't really understand renormalization group physics either, but I fear that the only real answer to your question is, if you want a "dumbed down" version to work for you, you have to try to be dumber, and not ask those questions. If you insist on not being dumb, and ask those questions, then no "dumbed down" version is going to work for you, you'll need the real deal. Your choice!

Of course not further dumbing down. I just want answers in terms of power series, coupling constant, higher energies and those terms which a mere conceptual description is enough without getting into deep rigorous mathematics which most introductory sites on Renormalization Group contain that repel the laymen from understanding its essence. Of course one has to understand some basics of calculus like the infinite series, divergences and other basic which I have.

So anyone can share what the heck is the Renormalization Group in terms of my original questions?