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Feb21-12, 10:39 AM
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No guys.I know these things.let me clarify more.
In some books,it is said that we should place a clock in every point of space.then we send light signals from one clock to others to synchronise them.but because it takes time for the light to reach other clocks,there would be difference between the time shown by clocks in different places.It suggests that the time in one reference frame is different in different places and if you think it explains why time dilation occurs.So Time in one frame should depend on the space in the same frame.But space-time interval is just an invariant quantity not such a relationship.

You can do that in non-relativistic models anyway. For example, x = f(t), so therefore t = f-1(x) (as long as we can define the inverse of the function).
This is an example of mathematical actions with no physical meaning,