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Entanglement Entropy: Quantum Field Theory

Part 1: Quantum Mechanics [This article expects the reader to have some experience with quantum field theory and path integrals] [I should also make a disclaimer here, some parts of this article uses some results from conformal field theory which is beyond my knowledge. So I have to just state the results in those parts….

Entanglement Entropy: Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics(QM) is one of the greatest intellectual achievements in human history. Not only because it describes the world at the microscopic level and in turn provides us with the technological advancement that we enjoy today, but also because it shows us how little we know about the world we’ve been living in for so…

Negative absolute temperatures

It’s a famous result in thermodynamics that you can’t reach absolute zero no matter how hard you try. Also the definition of absolute zero makes it obvious that its meaningless to talk about colder temperatures. So, really, what are negative absolute temperatures? Just continue reading because here I’m going to make an attempt in answering…