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Low VR6
Feb21-12, 08:34 PM
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I'm 18 and have been recently deciding between a couple choices for a future career. One being mechanical engineering.

A little about my self related to the career,
I have been brought up around cars my entire life, and love everthing about them, how they look, the differences between them, and most definitly how they perform.

I understand quite a bit about engines and suspension components, things like air intakes systems, fuel systems, exhaust sytems, shocks, springs, etc. Along with that, I understand the concept of performance and what is needed to "improve" cars torque/power. Definitly don't know everything but like I said, quite a bit.

That being said, I also enjoy designing things, aswell as making things better than what they already are. If I can reinforce something, I will. Anything to make that item better than what it was.

One thing I find that conflicts this career is that I absolutly hate working with power tools, lol. I can't stand being behind a large machine that I am in control of. Smaller tools such as dremels, or angle grinders, I am great with.

Basically, are there any fields in mechanical engineering that require and focus on the design of engines and not really being behind a large machine?

Sorry if this is the wrong section, just wanted some advice from people in the course, or graduated and in the field of mech. engineering.

Any input would be highly appreciated.

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