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Feb24-12, 02:19 PM
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...This is why superdeterminism is called "conspiratorial". That doesn't mean it's wrong, it just has some issues which make it rather difficult to construct a viable superdeterministic theory, but let me repeat that some potential first steps toward such a theory have already been taken by a few people.
Maybe someone is working on it, but that would pretty much be a waste of time. The entire point would be to replicate the predictions of QM.

On the other hand, the obstacles are enormous. I like your example. Once you see that your C and D could be anything (and in fact different) - radioactive decay, coin tosses, arrival time of photons from the moon, etc. - you realize the magnitude of the conspiracy.

And, like any conspiracy, it is impossible to disprove. Really, it is a ridiculous premise and I see no scientific merit in it. Although there are plenty of scientists who acknowledge it as viable conceptually, I doubt there are many who give it more than a second thought.