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Feb25-12, 12:12 PM
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from my thinking nonlocality and entanglement are never a problem because in a totally determinstic universe, the information about what is going to be instantaneously tranferred from a to b is already known to the universe. we may not be in block time but the universe acts as if it were. this is the first thing ive come across that agrees with my resolution of instantaneous info transfer.

even tho i personally believe that entanglement is basicly a zero sum static, and it is essentually noneffectual on the universe, just something we have to live with, but does not violate relativity because the information does not have any effect on anything anywhere. why is this not mainstream? do most people want to live in an undetermined future, thinking its closer to free will?
First, since that nonlocality and entanglement are perfectly compatible with a non-deterministic viewpoint, the problem does not even exists.

Second, from a theoretical point of view determinism arises when one consider a certain kind of simple systems as the traditionally studied in physics.

Third, the assumption that universe is deterministic is outside the scope of science.