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Feb27-12, 11:11 AM
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i completely agree with kmarinas86. the field SHOULD continue to change for 1 year[approx].so far,none of the members have posted a convincing reason why it shouldn't.after all,information does take time to travel,and nothing happens instantaneously.once the charge is taken out of the sphere,the 'data' from the other side of the sphere would take time[almost 1 year] to reach the side that was initially closer to the charge
The Lienard Wiechert potential is the convincing reason. The LW potential depends only on the motion of the charge at the retarded time. So the field at the near side updates with ~1 ns delay and the field at the far side updates with ~1 year delay. The field does not change outside of the times as indicated above.

If you are not willing to accept standard solutions like the LW potential, then there is little that can or should be done to convince you.