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Mar1-12, 11:52 AM
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I am going to be graduating in May with my BS in Mech Engineering. Next week I have an interview for a job after graduation. For people who have been on engineering interviews or have given them is there anything you would want to tell someone that has never gone on one. Also I have a few questions.

1. At the end of the interview do you ask somthing like where do we go from here or just thank the interviewer for their time?

2. Dress code. I have heard a number of different things. I have a black suit with a white shirt and plain grey tie. is this acceptable?

I may have more questions as I think about this more but for now just these 2 and please give me any advice you think may be useful. Thanks
I like to see some of the projects that candidates have worked on before. So in addition to my asking my standard interview questions, I can ask questions about the real projects that they have worked on in the past. This way, I can probe with harder questions, since if you've worked on the project, you should understand it pretty well.

So in the EE field projects can be circuits that they've designed and built in the past, or programs that they've written, or ICs that they've designed, etc.

For you in ME, it would be things that you've designed and fabricated, design projects that you've been a part of (like building solar racecars or robotic things, etc.).

What kind of things have you designed and built so far?