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Mar1-12, 05:40 PM
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Other approaches that come to mind are:

Asymptotic Safety

Causal Dynamical Triangulations

Steinacker's interpretation of the IKKT model, originally proposed for strings

Group field theory

Tensor field theory

Both GFT and TFT have some relation to LQG.

Gu and Wen's condensed matter approach

Markopoulou's quantum graphity

Vidal's note about LQG and tensor network algorithms in condensed matter

Swingle's note about AdS/CFT and tensor network algorithms in condensed matter

Horava-Lifgarbagez gravity

Also there are efforts in string theory to get a non-perturbative model that works in positive curvature spacetimes like the Twistor Matrix Model

BTW, string theory does have models for positive curvature spacetimes
There are so many quantum gravity models, each identifying with the author name. Do you know know the best way or journal to create a new QG theory under my name. So instead of saying "Gu and Wen's condensed matter approach" or Horava-Lifgarbagez gravity. It's my own name with so and so approach so others would quote it's mine when mentioning it? Maybe I can sneak it into arxiv even with no plan to publish it in a real journal? Maybe that is enough to claim ownership of the model?

Maybe there are like 50 plus QG models with only 15 discovered. So it's cool to add some your own like "create you own QG" in light of the very possibility that string theory and LQG will come into dead end someday. Then they have to go back to beginning.