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Mar2-12, 07:33 AM
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You're right, I am assuming that. But that's a harmless assumption to make. Perfect correlations for matching measurement settings is a consequence of quantum mechanics, so surely if a local realist theory wanted to match the predictions of QM then it would have to have perfect correlations for matching measurement settings. I highly doubt this is what ThomasT is disputing.

(You can, of course, be the fringe type of local realist who has a theory making predictions contrary to QM, but who believes that the only reason the experiments have proven QM right is that they're subject to various flaws, loopholes, and systematic biases. But as Bell tests become more sophisticated, that becomes an increasingly untenable positon, arguably even more so than superdeterminism.)
if you could match experimental settings, which you cant, then you wouldnt have correlations, youu would have the exact same result.