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Mar4-12, 09:51 AM
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Malus' law does not describe correlations between two photons but intensity change for single beam of light.
Yes, I was just using the term in a generalized sense to refer to sinusoidal θ-dependence.
Otherwise yes, I do agree that this doesn't work.
I hope we can convince ThomasT of that.
It's "fair sampling assumption not holding for photons" loophole.
But surely, as technology improves, it should be fairly easy to send photons one at a time, have every pair be entangled, and have every pair be collected by a photon detector, so no sampling issue will arise. Also, haven't entanglement experiments been done on all kinds of things, including qubits in the context of quantum computing, so don't you need a more general objection to Bell's theorem than just photons?