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Mar6-12, 01:20 AM
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Demystifer, if pilot waves don't go faster than light, then what explains the nonlocality of entanglement? Does the quantum potential propagate faster than light?
Bohmian mechanics (BM) is not nonlocal because something propagates faster than light. Instead, BM is nonlocal because velocity and acceleration of one particle at a given time depends on the positions of other particles (with which it is entangled) at the same time, no matter haw far these particles are.

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Also, am I wrong in my impression that a particle's trajectory right now is determined in part by the apparatuses it knows, based on nonlocal interaction, that it's going to encounter later?
In the context of nonrelativistic BM, you are wrong. In the context of relativistic BM, the answer depends on what exactly do you mean by "later".