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Mar6-12, 07:41 AM
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Can earth Short circuit?

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I never thought i could not have any idea on this... What i know when the circuit is completed.. meaning the live connected to neutral.. Current flows whether it's dc or ac.. and earthing a device as i knew is only due to grounding the static charges that might result in the metallic parts of the device.. A challenge came up when a friend of mine just said that the body of the car works as neutral... Okay it's possible since it's a conductor but.... is it not going to be harmful? There is where the question arose...
The frame of a car does act as ground. The negative terminal of the battery is connected to the frame of the car. It's been done this way for a hundred years. It's very convenient as ground is always available no matter where you are in the car.

It's not harmful, because if you do happen to touch hot and ground at the same time you feel 12 feel essentially nothing unless you are soaking wet maybe.

All potential hots come from a fuse block as well. So in the case of a dead simply get a blown fuse rather than a bunch of wiring on fire.