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david findley
Mar7-12, 08:51 AM
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no !
I don't understand what electro-magnetic fields are ! I understand the nature of electrons and electricity, I even understand the photon/electron interactions in QED,

but I am not so sure about electro-magnetism. Particularly the magnetic aspect! I've seen the pictures, I understand the nature of electromagnetic radiation (which are fields, no?) as light... but... if you would care to explain 'electromagnetism' (again, particularly the magnetic part... what are the force carriers in magnetism, for example???) I would be very interested =p


Alright, I just read wikipedia entry on magnetism. I still don't get it. It says that the magnets mediating force is the 'magnetic field'. That doesn't tell me anything. If it is a field, then shouldn't it have an accompanying particle per wave-particle duality?
hmm, it seems the magnetic field has a 'crystallizing' effect on things, like steel shavings. How exactly does the magnetic field do this..?

Is the magnetic field really as odd and mysterious as it seems to me? It reminds me of gravity.. we can determine its nature by the effects it has on OTHER things, though the actual essence of the magnetism itself... is what?

(edit again)

oh my god !!!! maybe magnetism is the crystallization of teh fabric of space itself !!!!!!! do you think ??? that is a totally plausible explanation !!!!!!! it is soooooooooo going into my thesis ! wow !!!!!!! I just read an article that nobody really knnows what the essential nature of magnetism is !!!! I bet its just space !!! I already have the framework to prove it !!!!!!! I am such a bloody genius !!!!!!

(wooo another edit)

ooh !! so now we can explore the implications involved... a magnetic rock... influencing the very fabric of space itself... the awesome inference that there is such a powerful connection between space and these special rocks... what could it be, that makes these rocks so special..? hmm I guess I'm not going to sleep tonight !!!