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Mar8-12, 08:41 PM
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Chestermiller, I didn't intend to take over your thread. There seemed to be two questions in your mind about the block universe: 1) What is it understood to represent in the physics community (and is your understanding of the concept in agreement with this)? and 2) What are the implications of the concept?
Since I've already dominated more than my share of the thread, I'll leave it to others to respond to your second question.

Thanks bobc2. I have found your discussions in this thread very educational, and they have helped me get a much better understanding of the Block Universe model. Thanks also for your courteous and respectful responses.
As you mentioned, in my original posting, I offered some extended interpretations which seem to be fully consistent with the Block Universe material that you presented. These interpretations are totally new (I think), within the framework of Block Universe, and I was hoping that some PF respondents would be willing to comment on them. Looking forward to hearing from some of you.

Thanks for your consideration (and endurance through the extended posts). I hope you will get some more feedback on the ideas you've presented--and perhaps some comments on some of the implications of the block concept.