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Mar9-12, 09:53 AM
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It's perfectly consistent to believe that only human consciousness can collapse the wave function.
Well, this gets back to my original question. Say you had a double slit experiment, that creates a now-familiar interference pattern on inked paper. Are you saying that it's reasonable to interpret results as each time a human looks at the paper, he creates the interference pattern (since the human is bound in the same system as the inked paper and the particles/waves going through the slit)?

If this were true, shouldn't we expect that after a few billion humans looked at the interference pattern, some would see a slightly different pattern of stripes? (I.e., isn't this testable at some level?)

And to bring furry pets back in, what if you trained a dog to bark when he saw a certain pattern of stripes--are we to go so far as to bind the human hearing the bark into the same system?