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Mar10-12, 01:30 PM
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Okay before I proceed, imagine the following kind of omlet. So you have a thin layear of egg with small pieces of green pepper and onion. Also green pepper lost some of its color so its ''light green'', and likewise onion is a bit transparant as opposed to white. Now imagine that it is not the omlet but your own skin! More precisely, you look at the back of your hand and see transparent pieces of ''something'' behind your skin that look similar to onions in the omlet and light green pieces of someting that look just like green papers. Now it is not ''on'' your skin, but ''below'' your skin. In other words, it is part of skin's texture!!! If you see it on yourself, what would you think? Also, the skin itself has the ordinary skin collor --NOT yellow color of omlet or anything like that. So here you are, with your skin of ordinary color, and you have pieces of transparent onion and decolored green pepper stuck behind it. Would you interpret it as cancer or what?

Well I had a dream in which I seen exactly that on the back of my hand. But it was very weird. It looked so natural that part of me thought that it is one of the normal things that happen to skin texture. But then the other part of me felt it was gross. And then finally I realized it is NOT one of the 'normal' things and was wondering if ti was cancer or what. Yet part of me still thought it is not cancer. Well I then asked my mom hoping she will remind me of something ''normal'' that would make the skin look htat way. She was shocked instead and was going to call emergency. I told her not to and was trying to think of something to say to persuade her it is okay; then I woke up.
Yes, dreams can be weird.