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Jimmy Snyder
Mar10-12, 06:54 PM
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That happened to me too and I can assure you it's no dream, it's a living nightmare. They say that absinthe can cause hallucinations and I know that's true because I had just finished my 6th glass of it and started to see things. I was hungry and by luck, I stumbled into a restaurant. The beautiful waitress asked me what I would have and I said I'd have an omelet with peppers and onions. Then she started cooking it up for me. While she was cooking it she stroked my hand and sang rough sailor songs to me. Presently the meal was coming together and I could see the yellow yolk, the red peppers and the green onions coming together. Then she said it was done, and that's when I realized I wasn't in a restaurant after all, but in a tattoo parlor.