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Mar12-12, 01:46 AM
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Any civil engineers on here have any stories about how they came about their career choice?

I am studying year 2 of an Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering. I thought I would have liked to do mechanical or aerospace engineering but after being exposed to what is really involved ( so many small intricate details!) I believe I am more suited to studying civil. After completion of the diploma I will be able to articulate and complete the Bachelor in 2 years or so and I have already done the BA level maths 1 and 2 in the evenings.

Problem is im scared of committing to studying more because -
a) I feel im getting old I will be 28 or 29 by the time im finished

b) I HATE the job I do to support myself to study. I wish I could find a job doing CAD drawings but they just dont work with my timetable. The thought of spending 5 years of my life in the sh$thole job I do now is terrible, though I am grateful I am able to support myself.

C. My other main passion in life is music. Ive been playing electric guitar for over a decade and have never been in a band. I want the time to make music too.

And I could die tomorrow and hardly any of my life would have been enjoyable. I like uni hate my job and not having enough money to have the freedom to have life experiences. :-(

Any thoughts on what I should do?

Advice for others: I barely did any maths in high school because I didn't no why i needed it or what engineering was, also I had many issues with my personal life so didn't do particularly well. I was always good at english and arty stuff when I was little. My family was a very misogynistic negative environment and I was brought up believing girls were unable to do many things...

Anyway, for those of you a bit scared of the maths or physics. Dont be! You can do whatever you want to if you just want it enough and put the work in. I am in the top 3 of students in my course because I worked hard. Things may not come easy to you but just work harder and it becomes easier! Trust me if I can do it you can. Also my partner who didnt even finish high school and has terrible spelling is one of the top students in his group studying Radiation Therapy and is even thinking about becoming a Doctor. Its all just about trying and being patient!