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Mar21-12, 05:09 PM
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Seriously? Are you familiar with the understanding that singularities signal a breakdown of the classical theory? Singularities correspong to unphysical infinities that indicate that the theory is ill-behaved in the corresonding energy regime. I'm guessing you know all that and you mean something else. But whether we have an accepted theory of quantum gravity yet or not, it is evident that a UV-complete theory of gravity is needed, and that resolving singularities -- i.e. giving sensible physical results at the Planck scale -- is a generic property of whatever that final theory is.
Hm, I am in fact familiar with that, but I'd never thought of it quite that way. To be honest, now that you mention it and now that I analyse my previous thought processes, I'd up until right now always thought of an original singularity as sort of a property of the universe (as if spacetime really did break down in it) instead of a property of a theory (or the lack thereof). Mind Projection Fallacy all the way there.

Yes, I did know both that singularities are a breakdown in the description of a particular physical event, and that a final theory should explain that sort of thing, but I'd never really connected the two pieces of knowledge together.

That is... great. Thank you :)