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Nov29-04, 06:07 AM
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Thanks for the replies guys.

I guess the root of my concern is the amount of new math coming at me, I am really struggling with infinite series right now. This is partly because my algebra skills are so rusty from taking 4 years off school , but mostly because there isn't a chance to apply this stuff and see how it works.

In calc I we did a decent amount of applying derivatives after learning about them, same thing with integrals. In calc II all I seem to be getting from the book and my prof is, "applications of this is beyond the scoop of this book/class", very frustrating. It's like memorizing that 5*5=25 and then being told that any use of this fact or learning why 5*5 is 25 so you can go on to solve things like 5*6 is beyond the scoop of this course.