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Nov13-12, 12:12 AM
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note: not a health issue

I've taken several online quizzes/tests and I always get moderate or borderline results. Reasons I believe I might have dyslexia:

1) I'm left-handed
2) I can't tell where sounds come from. In some occasion, I think they're coming from exactly the opposite direction.
3) it's sometimes really frustrating and takes a lot of concentration to read blocks of text.
4) I mix up extremes (example: I never remember whether high-viscocity is more sticky or more fluid).

It's not stopped me from succeeding in academia, employment, or elsewise, so it's not detrimental to my health, just a curiosity. Things like 3) and 4) above can sometimes make parts of academia painful, but I assume everybody struggles in some domain or another in that regard.
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