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Dec17-12, 10:15 AM
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nukeman is correct.
Lateralization of function has loss considerable ground viewed from recent research.
Which is inadequate to answer the question posed here.
The question is more a question of physics.

A wave theory - the one I have in mind has a median for propagation (mechanical vibration) - explains all of the cognitive human existence and experiences.
Recent research from Norway offers a 'new way to organize' human existence.
They label this 'sense of location' - of which there are at least five such senses and asserted are as many as ten such senses.
This explains all forms of Synesthesia without lateralization of function.

A good start to make sense of a good question.

The 'talk' (information) of any vibration your senses are able to resolve, send and imprint upon your brain doesn't need the extra 'meaning' assigned (associated) from the sounds of the future language you will acquired after birth.