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Dec30-12, 03:57 PM
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For example, consciousness can be defined as being aware of one's own sensations and surroundings.
That seems to apply more so to the definition of sentience.

Most ambiguities on this subject were delt with in "The Measure of a Man"...

Thanks to the interpretations of Phillipa Louvois...

Quote Quote by Phillipa Louvois
It sits there looking at me, and I don't know what it is. This case has dealt with metaphysics, with questions best left to saints and philosophers. I am neither competent nor qualified to answer those. I've got to make a ruling, to try to speak to the future. Is Data a machine? Yes. Is he the property of Starfleet? No. We have all been dancing around the basic issue. Does Data have a soul? I don't know that he has. I don't know that I have! But I have got to give him the freedom to explore that question himself. It is the ruling of this court that Lieutenant Commander Data has the freedom to choose.

"The Quality of Life" is certainly relevant, too.