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Jan3-13, 12:10 PM
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Wondering if anyone could enlighten me as to why I can lay in bed in hours, trying unsuccessfully to sleep, while my brain is going on a roller coaster of thoughts.

It doesn't happen every night, but it is frustrating since I never remember what I was thinking about in the morning.
Two things have helped me greatly over the years. I too have some nights when I keep thinking about some problems or issues, and that keeps me awake. So I use two tricks to get me out of that state...

First, when I realize that I'm keeping myself awake by thinking about things, I say to myself, "No talking". That usually stops the talking/thinking for a bit, and if it starts again, I just say "No talking" again to remind myself that it will take silence for me to be able to go to sleep.

Another trick that I found lately is to use visuals to distract myself and provide some entertainment as I fall asleep. If I look around a bit (with eyes closed obviously), I can often see patterns. They vary all the way from just texture like you would see on a textured plaster wall, to geometric patterns, faces, landscapes, and so on. The patterns are transitory, usually fading within a few seconds, but then some other pattern starts to form. Sometimes I fall asleep and the patterns turn into lucid dreams, which makes for a very fun night!

So maybe give those two tricks a try. They have been a very big help to me.