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I have and as I said, I am on some version of the diet myself, though not for weight loss purposes. In rankings of Diets *generally* Atkins rates very low. The weight loss effects from Atkins are mostly due to the fact that carb restriction is a good way to lower calories. So it amounts to a a calorie restriction diet for people who simply want to lose weight, and it works because people generally like being allowed to eat fatty stuff, so they are more likely to stick to it than to a "healthier" calorie restriction diet.

But for people with blood sugar issues it is beneficial for other reasons. What Dr. Atkins did was to take a hypoglycemic diet that previously existed and re-package it for weight loss. At his death by congestive heart failure he weighed 258 pounds.

-Dave K
I don't think the question of his death has ever been resolved. The official explanation is that he fell and hit his head. And at 258 Lbs, he clearly was not on his own diet.

Recent evidence shows that fat can function as an endocrine organ and produce something that acts like insulin. And when you produce too much insulin like I do, carbs consumed are quickly converted to fat. So it becomes a vicious cycle. I have an unusual variant on metabolic syndrome and have had it my whole life. But the more typical form is increasingly common in adults, and this all goes back to blood sugar and obesity. So one has to wonder just how many people might benefit from a low-carb diet.

I was never able beat the weight gain problem until I went Atkins. So I have to think this notion that it is simple matter of calories is at best selective. Maybe for some people, but I reject that claim 100%. When I went on this diet, I was still eating 1500 calories a day, but I was shedding weight so fast that it scared my wife.