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Whats the point of talking IQ?
IQ is used as a proxy for g. If national economic performance in an absence of proportionate natural resources can be taken, in turn, as a proxy for national technological development, then regarding the importance of national g to national technological development, Arthur Jensen had this to say:

Adam Smith's dictum that a nation's wealth depends on the developed abilities of its people is the basis of the public concern in this technological era that we have a well-educated work force. In the information age, a nation's most important resource in the modern world is not its material natural wealth but its human capital, that is, the overall level of its population's developed abilities that are in demand in a free market. The economic value of g, therefore, is a function of the particular knowledge and skills in which it is most highly loaded, and in which proficiency depends upon education, training, and experience. Developed ability, in other words, is a product of g education education that inculcates the knowledge and skills that are productively relevant to the culture and the times.
(Arthur Jensen. The g Factor. pp563-564.)

In other words, the technological proficiency of a society is largely a function of its g. This has also been found to be the case by Raymond Cattell, Hans Eysenck, Richard Lynn, Philippe Rushton, Chris Brand, and others.