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Jul5-03, 07:14 PM
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Anywho, cases for the Big Bang:

The universe is expanding. This indicates that sometime in the past it was denser.
The universe is only expanding according to the doppler interpretation of redshift, but Halton Arp showed this interpretation to be flawed.

The CBR. Not only does the thermal spectrum match extraordinarly well with what the BB predicts.
Actually the steady state model was much more accurate with its prediction.

Not only that, but we can measure it at cosmic distances as well and show it was hotter in the past (Researchers at the Paranal Observatory showed it was by studing intersteller dust clouds).
Obviously if the radiation gets red-shifted it cools down. That is no argument for the BB.

Not only that, but the evolution of stars and galaxies and clusters is indicated by the big bang and observed.
That is completely false. The galaxies at the very edges of the visible universe look EXACTLY the same as those in the very center. The problem is that in a Universe of a mere 15 billion years (only three times as old as the minimum age of the infinitesimal earth) those furthest seen galaxies would have only rotated about two times!! That is simply not enough time to create the spiral structure that they exhibit.

As are the production of light elements from primordial nucleosythesis.
Plasma Cosmology can deal with that as well through fusion and fission processes in stars. See if you care to understand the alternatives which you are dismissing off-hand.