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Jul5-03, 09:21 PM
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Originally posted by Brad_Ad23
I have yet to see ANY account of a SS model that incorperates A)The CBR and B)A reason why such a thing exists, and C)A mechanism for how matter is continuously created to keep the universe steady if one assumes it expands.

The SS model predicted CBR more accurately than BBT. If you don't know about it that is because it is not taught in your Standard Model classes. would you expect them to want to upset their status quo? It is part of history. nonetheless.

"In fact, some physicists (including Sir Arthur Eddington in 1926 and Andrew McKeller in 1942)(28) had estimated temperatures in the range of 2 to 3 K; closer to that of the MBR than has been estimated by BB cosmologists."

I am not arguing for SS so your other points do not apply to my argument.

2. The Big Bang flows naturally out of GR. It calls for an expanding universe. Hence I think that is why Hurkyl went that avenue.
BBT is entirely dependent on the doppler interpretation of the Hubble red-shift. This interpretation has been falsified by Halton Arp and the redshift is much better inter[reted by Plasma Cosmology.

4. Plasma cosmology asserts that the universe is governed primarily by the electromagnetic force, not gravity.
Electromagnetism is evident in every region of space. It is orders of magnitude stronger than gravity. The Plasma Cosmology model only makes sense and it does not require the existence of hypothetical dark matter/energy entities such as WIMPS MACHO's and the like.

In other words, it claims such things as black holes, or neutron stars are not necessary. However, we know neutron stars exist.
Neutron stars are an interpretation. They have not been observed.

The entire HR diagram is much more consistently explained in the Plasma Model.

Indeed black holes are almost certainly for real.
another interpretation from the Standard model.

However other problems I see with it are the flat out denial that the standard model is at all useful (it is not the ultimate word, but very useful)
It has obvious limits that Plasma Cosmo goes beyond.

Also, how would the electrical force be dominant over the universe when it is oddly enough, mroe or less neutral? If it did play a big part, we would be moving much faster towards other galaxies (such as Andromeda) and a lot of observations would be very much off.
Non Sequiter.

EM is orders of magnitude stronger than gravity. You do the math.

It is also visible in the heart of our galaxy and strongly at the surface of the sun.