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Feb23-05, 04:01 AM
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it is foolishness to state that europeans are the only ones capable of science. where were the scientists for most of history? and who is doing the science now? hahahahaha

otoh i'm glad that some posters have their thinking straight

on the side, creativity is a rather hard thing to measure. the chinese have invented a great many things, and without formal science. They have designed and created many sexy things, and it is commonly claimed that art is more creative than science. not only art but also in engineering they have excelled. down from antiquity there've been passed tales of the boldness of the ancients and the cleverness of their strategies. I hardly think there is anything wrong with the Chinese.

Those who would be quick to suppose racism, are merely using their identity as a prop for their self-esteem. They have nothing else going for them, evidently. hahahaha