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May19-05, 11:52 AM
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Quote Quote by Daevren
There is probably a center of the universe. But it is a meaningless point in space. But space is also too big to find it so no one cares. And with relativity it is even harder to find it because time (dilation) makes everything very confusing.
If you suspect the center of the universe probably exists, would you share your definition of it? For instance, the center of a line segment is the point equidistant from its endpoints.
Quote Quote by El Hombre Invisible
I ain't saying you're wrong, but that is very contrary to everything I've ever read. The universe is expanding from a point, and as such, every point in the universe was once in this point.
Wouldn't that point then be the center of expansion? As I understand things, galaxies are not moving through space as pieces from an explosion would move through the air. Rather, the space between galaxies is itself expanding. But I'm not a physicist, astronomer, or cosmologist, and there are plenty of them around here to straighten it out.
I think most confusion about the balloon analogy results from it being a 2D model of a 3D concept. People forget or don't realize this and think the center of the 3D balloon would be the center of the universe or other such extrapolations.