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Aug11-05, 12:34 PM
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A 100 g ball is attached to a rubber tube and is spun around in a circle at a rate of one revolution every second. A force of 0.5 N is required to stretch the tube 1.0 cm.

If the original length is L = 1.0 m, what will be the change in length of the rubber tube when the ball is revolving?

It was given as a hint that centripetal force is equal to elastic force:

F_c=mass *length*omega^2,

where length is now the stretched length, that is,
length= L+delta L.

The elastic force is equal to
F_el=k*delta L.

first, I found k to be 50. but I plugged in k to the above equation and tried to find delta L. as .002 , but it's incorrect, hints?
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