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Sep4-05, 05:59 PM
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I don't even know the english names: knolselderij, pastinaken, meiknolletjes, schorseneren, ramenas, koolraap, koolrabi, rabarber, raapstelen, postelein, zuring.
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koolrabi = kohlrabi (I think...sounds like it probably is) I like it raw in salads, somewhat like a radish flavor.

rabarber = rhubarb (I was able to confirm that one )

I can't even guess at the others.
Try google's Image search, it seems to work for most of them. Ex: For "Zuring", image search led me to this page in the Netherlands, with photographs and the scientific, Rumex acetosa, which of course is common Sorrel.

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I am saving all these pages for future use, can Monique, Evo, or Moobear suggest a list of spices and herbs to store please.