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Sep23-05, 02:46 PM
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Quote Quote by wolram
I have a robot kit, the robot uses four servos to walk, controlled by a micro
control board, the basic control programs come with the compiler, the first
stages of programing, "centering the servos", went ok, but the next stage
which should operate all four servos at once to a set position, does not
work, i get an error message, "incorrect file path", when down loading to
the micro board, a down load bar shows 100% down load, but when the
bot is switched on the servos go crazy, the batteries are well charged , can
any one tell me why i get this message please.
easy.. check the file path. it could be as simple as punctuation, or spelling, or whitespace.

the compiler does not lie.

BTW, at first glance I thought you said you have a root kit

I thought "no way is anyone gonna help you" :-P