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Sam Woole
Oct5-05, 11:58 AM
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Quote Quote by Doc Al
Again you have to realize that time is not an absolute, it really does depend on the relative motion of the frame doing the measuring. When the ship returns to earth, the two brothers will really be different ages!
While I do apologize for my offensive charges, on the other hand I do believe that there must be something wrong with the relativity theory, as can be deduced from your words above.

When the traveling twin left, he was in his inertia frame. The clock he carried was at rest in his frame. His clock therefore would work exactly like any other clocks in inertia frames such as the one carried by the earthbound twin. Don't you agree?

If you do, then both clocks would registered one identical departure time D when the twins departed; then both clocks would register one identical arrival time A when they met again. (A - D) would give one time interval, which means both twins are of the same age.

If you don't agree, then show me why the clock carried by one twin would work differently from the clock carried by the other twin.