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Nov9-05, 05:11 PM
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I've never heard that experience described anywhere before; I had it last year. Pretty disconcerting but I find myself still wishing it would happen again.

Won't waste your time with an overly prolix description, so here's a quickie:
I needed to be doing work but I dozed off, became lucid and tried to awaken.
I had about three counts of sleep paralysis where I would have extreme difficultly rising, and when accomplished I would fall into a dream instead of waking.
Finally, I did rise, although a dream came with me. I managed to write on my desk in a frenzy whilst I was surrounded by gnomes opening picture albums (previously I had done such things as falling out of my body and vividly experienced the most powerful vertigo I've ever felt in my life - like a roller coaster on fast forward).
The most unsettling aspect of the experience was no moment of transition from sleep to wake; the gnomes, etc, faded gently. I never felt awake the rest of the night.