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May4-06, 01:53 AM
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Quote Quote by Chronos
My aim was only to provide useful references, not argue the issues.
You did good! Padma is a fine online resource.
My aim was to argue like hell for what I believe is a better approach to learning cosmology.
We all learned the standard curriculum and you get to imagine that a singularity is something PHYSICAL. And then you have to UNLEARN and discover that it is just an artifact of the model you are using.

I think in the future Cosmology textbooks and even undergraduate General Astronomy textbooks will say a little bit about quantum cosmology. You dont have to say a lot, just let people know that a singularity is simply a place where a model breaks and there are some quantum models which give the right answers and do NOT have a bang singularity.

And after that, let them go on and learn the usual conventional curriculum. but we should NOT be giving students the impression that the universe began 13 billion years ago because there is no scientific evidence for that.

So I would tell him sure go and read standard sources on cosmology. Read Michael Turner, and Charles Lineweaver, and Padma, and Ned Wright, and so on. There is a lot of good standard stuff on line that you dont even have to buy. But don't ONLY read that. Read a few paragraphs of Loop Quantum Cosmology too. So you don't accidentally get brainwashed.