Questions about Compton Scattering

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Jan21-07, 02:17 AM
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What equipment Compton used to measure the wavelenght shift in your experiment ? Some links talk about the use of bragg spectrometer others about the use of ionization chambers.

In this link have some illustrations of spectras resultants of Compton experiments

The peak of unmodified rays, its caused by the interactions with electron close to the nucleus?
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Jan22-07, 08:44 AM
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Jan23-07, 02:21 AM
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He used a cloud chamber - see pp 187, 188

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Jan23-07, 06:02 AM
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Questions about Compton Scattering

thanks for the link.

The target for the primary X-rays ("scattering target") process is localized in the center of the chamber? Compton used the angle of recoiling electron to measure the angle of secondary ray, using this relation [tex]\cot\frac{1}{2}\delta=\tan\theta[/tex] ?

The shown image in the nobel lecture is a
it is a simplification of this image?

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