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Up to Date on The Second Coming

by rudinreader
Tags: date, the second coming
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Dec20-07, 05:08 PM
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The Art of Computer Programming is literally the bible of computer science. If you know the stuff between its covers, you know 90% of what's really important about programming a computer.

Being a computer scientist is not about knowing lots of programming languages, or being able to use Visual Studio to make graphical applications, or being able to download and use a math library.

Being a computer scientist means understanding the deep, important subjects that underly all computer programming -- data structures, algorithms, and trade-offs. Those three topics literally define computer science. All the rest that goes on top of it (PHP, Visual Basic, etc.) is fluff. The fluff is easy to learn, and changes yearly -- that's why Microsoft would rather hire programmers who have ignored the fluff and studied only the deep magic.

This is why I think this entire thread is misguided, rudinreader. You seem to be mistaking pretty graphical interfaces, network applications, layers of abstraction on top of the hardware, rapid application development languages, etc. as computer science, but they aren't.

In the same vein, interior design is not architecture.

- Warren

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