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PC or Laptop for Grad School?

by WarPhalange
Tags: grad, laptop, school
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Apr24-09, 01:48 PM
P: 7
I personally prefer a desktop due to being able to have a large screen size. I really find myself more productive with a 20 or 22 inch screen as opposed to a 14 or 15. You can, of course, have the best of both worlds and (eventually) buy a separate monitor for use at home.

Also, I've got to mention that having some sort of backup solution in place is vital. I've personally lost two laptop hard drives over the years (even being very careful with them), but never lost a desktop one.

Whether you use a desktop or laptop, my point is the same - ensure you keep copies of things because you don't want to lose your data.
derek e
Apr27-09, 09:39 PM
P: 46
Here's what I do: I have a desktop that runs Vista. On it, I have VirtualBox and a virtual Ubuntu machine that is my Linux workhorse. I also have some kernels that I can dissect. For portability, I have a net-book with a copy of Ubuntu on it. The net-book was $300 and does everything I need it to, which is mostly access to the internet, programming small files, playing with root, documentation and as a portable reader. PC, portability and cheaper than a top of the line laptop.

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