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Feynman Messenger Lectures (via Microsoft)

by robphy
Tags: feynman, video lectures
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Jul15-09, 01:38 PM
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"Project Tuva"
has a transcript, timeline, and other interesting features. (Silverlight required.)

I learned this from Slashdot:
"Bill Gates Puts Classic Feynman Lectures Online"
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Jul21-09, 07:47 PM
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Some for those who don't want Silverlight:

Feynman: Quantum Electrodynamics n+part

Richard Feynman - The Law of Gravitation n+Lectures+laws+gravitation

Character of Physical Law - Richard Feynman n+part+lecture

Richard Feynman - The Relation of Mathematics & Physics n+Lectures++Relation++physics

Richard Feynman - The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures

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