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Classical Physics compared to Quantum Physics?

by studentxlol
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Oct14-11, 07:30 AM
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After studying both areas of classical and quantum physics in some depth, I've reached the conclusion classical physics is more elegant and ingenious than quantum physics.

Newton's law of gravitation is elegant because its sheer simplicity allows us to map the trajectory of satellites.

Classical physics is a refinement of everday life. Quantum physics is a refinement of classical physics.

Therefore the notions of classical physics must have required an absolute genius to refine from everyday life - such as Newton. With quantum physics however, the foundations are already in place.
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Oct14-11, 07:41 AM
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classical physics is interesting to me too, but I wonder that if it can fully be used in real life applications, there is more that is happening then just classical physics.
Oct14-11, 07:58 AM
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Well it's definitely true that classic physics is simple and elegant, I would say it took a greater mental leap to establish something like General Relativity or Quantum Physics, than it did for Newton. Though I think it's arguable that Copernicus made a mental leap just as big as Einstein did.

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