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Problem with Interactions Pane (DrJava) in Eclipse

by prosteve037
Tags: drjava, eclipse, interactions pane, java
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Oct28-11, 09:59 PM
P: 105
When I start DrJava in Eclipse the Interactions Pane gives me this:

"Could not creat the view: Wait for interpreter to register was interrupted (probably timed out): java.lang.InterruptedException"

What does this mean and what do I do to fix it?

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Oct28-11, 10:03 PM
P: 105
Actually, are there two different interaction panes? I just "found" the actual DrJava Interactions Pane with the little DrJava symbol on it. The one on startup didn't have that symbol next to it.

I also had to close the non-symbol one and then go to Window > Show View > DrJava > Interactions to get the DrJava Interactions Pane to show up.

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