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Question on tork application

by jaypi
Tags: application, tork
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Nov23-11, 05:16 PM
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Quick one
If I have an electric motor with a gear box (what ever ratio) and I want to install an electric holding brake will my holding power be greater if the brake is installed on the output shaft of the gearbox or the shaft of the driving motor to the gearbox ?

my educated guess is that the holding tork will be multiplied by the ratio of the gearbox so holding will be greater if installed on the driving motor I am I right?
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Nov29-11, 08:28 AM
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for your info

I was right in my assumtion
holding tork is directly proportional to the gear box reduction ratio
so holding power is greater if I put the brake on the input side (motor) than the output of the gear box
Nov29-11, 12:24 PM
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You are right the brake should be installed on motor shaft only

Nov29-11, 01:35 PM
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Question on tork application

Not trying to be a spelling nazi, but:


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