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SAM: Skin Analysis Machines

by Greg Bernhardt
Tags: analysis, machines, skin
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Greg Bernhardt
Jan9-12, 12:20 PM
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I recently went to a "party" where the host was offering skin care products to buy. In order to figure out what you need you were advised to use this SAM or Skin Analysis Machine. It looked like a football replay box. You put your head under a cover and looked into this mirror. A black light was turned on and your face turned into a zombie! The host looked through the other side and explained what you were looking at and what products would help.

Here is an example of what you'd look like under the light:

The machine was similar to this:

My question is whether this is legit? Is it scientific, both in engineering and skin analysis?
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Jan10-12, 08:26 PM
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It's diagnostic use is primarily for detection of fungal or bacterial infections. I'm sure what this person used it for was fraud to sell unnecessary skin care products. Of course this person may have been deceived by the person that set them up to sell the junk.

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