Do all forces have an associated particle?Is there theorized to be

by Dook
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Feb19-12, 06:06 PM
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Do all forces have an associated particle?

Is there theorized to be a particle associated with inertia?
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Feb19-12, 07:15 PM
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All forces have an associated theorized particle.
Inertia is not a force.
Ken G
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Feb19-12, 11:43 PM
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Actually, inertia can be thought of as a force-- simply take the ma in F=ma over to the F side, and write it F-ma=0, so -ma is the "inertial force." There is indeed a particle associated with it-- that's the Higgs boson that CERN has spent so much money and scientific collateral searching for (and may be finding-- we'll know in a year or sooner).

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