Reactions of Halogens with Metals

by tevatron1
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Feb23-12, 09:11 PM
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To test the ability of Br2 and I2 to oxidize copper metal, the reactions take place between Br2water and I2 solution with copper:

Cu (s) + Br2 (aq) -> Cu2+ (aq) + 2Br- (Aq)

Cu(s) + I2 (methanol) -> Cu2+ (methanol) + 2I- (methanol).

Write the net ionic equations describing the results of these two experiments.

I believe that the Cu (s) should oxidize, and thus color change. Particularly with Br2 water (bromide water), so I recorded the net ionic equation as 2Cu (s) + Br2 (aq) -> 2CuBr(s)

However, I'm unsure if this is correct or what to do with the second equation.

Has anyone ever done these reactions or know them off hand? Is it possible that a precipiate could form between Cu2+ and I2?
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Feb24-12, 01:52 AM
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Why not CuI?

Actually I am sure about CuI, but I am not convinced you will get CuBr and not CuBr2.
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Feb24-12, 05:50 AM
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Why not CuI?

Actually I am sure about CuI, but I am not convinced you will get CuBr and not CuBr2.
Well, CuI would have to be a solid. And I'm not convinced a solid was formed in this case. I suppose my main question is if the reaction between Cu and I2 results in a color change to Cu, would the product be a solid? CuI would have to be a solid to be written as such in the net ionic equation.

The lab notes predict Br2 reduces to Br2-, hence my writing CuBr

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