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Sulfuric Acid - Ionic, Polar Molecular or Non Polar Molecular

by shahmeer
Tags: acid, ionic, molecular, sulphate
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Mar2-12, 09:20 PM
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What type of bond is Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4(aq))?

People tell me its ionic because the acid is made up of a polyatomic ion. However, many sources online say that the acid is polar.

I can't seem to figure out which bond it is.
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Mar3-12, 02:29 AM
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Quote Quote by shahmeer View Post
What type of bond is Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4(aq))?
Sulfuric acid is not a bond, it is a compound. It contains bonds - two different bonds. And when it is dissolved (as the (aq) part suggests) there are also other types of bonds involved.

So, what is the question?
Mar3-12, 01:10 PM
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Sorry, my mistake..

What type of bond holds the compound together, molecular or ionic? I would assume that a molecular bond holds the sulphate together but I am not sure about which bond holds the hydrogen and the sulphate together.

Could you also please explain which bonds are involved when the compound is in a solution?

Thank You

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