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History of Uniform Circular Motion

by MohammadG
Tags: circular, history, motion, uniform
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Mar18-12, 06:02 AM
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Anyone know how the theory of Uniform Circular Motion was discovered?

I know Newton invented the word "centripetus", Latin for Centripetal but that's about it.

I can find history on the pendulum but nothing for uniform circular motion.

Could you give me some names? Or links to some articles online.

Would really help me with the paper I'm writing.

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Mar18-12, 06:44 AM
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You can find some information in this link:
Mar18-12, 06:52 AM
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Quote Quote by Hassan2 View Post
You can find some information in this link:
That helped a bit but I'm looking for more history. I'm assuming Newton had something to with it as he invented the word centripetal. I can't find anything online though.

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